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Sebastian, Robin, Dr.
Phone:+49 241 80 95188

Allgemeine Informationen:
Research Interests:
  • Compressible Flows
  • Shock Wave/Boundary Layer Interactions
  • Flow control of Shock induced separation
  • Jet in Crossflow

Bachelor and Master Theses:

Separation control with air-jet vortex generators in a shock-wave / turbulent boundary layer interaction

Flow separation adversely affects the aerodynamic behavior of aerospace applications, typical examples are transonic airfoil, supersonic inlets of air-breathing engines, and control surfaces of hypersonic vehicles. Strong shock waves lead to flow separation, resulting in flow distortion and loss of total pressure. Such unsteady flows can produce regions with large local pressure and heat loads. A major concern for such flows are aerodynamic phenomenon that produce large amount of energy at a charcteristic frequency to excite structural responses. Restricting or minimizing the effect of such shock induced separation on the aerodynamic behavior will allow for lighter and more efficient designs for future air and space transportation, propulsion systems, among others. This motivates the effort to study methods for control of flow separation. In the current project, air-jet vortex generators are investigated for the control of shock induced flow separation. This technique combines the benefits of turbulent mixing and the flexibility of turn on/off the air-jets to avoid drag penalties.

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