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  • 16.08.2017

    Die Hörsaalverteilung für die Klausuren Strömungsmechanik I / Strömungsmechanik II / Fluid Dynamics finden Sie hier:

    Strömungsmechanik I

    Strömungsmechanik II / Fluid Dynamics

  • 15.08.2017

    The exam Fluid Dynamis this Semester is on Monday, 21 August

  • 25.07.2017

    Stroemungs- und Temperaturgrenzschichten. Neuer Termin New Dates for the exam Boundary Layers. Ladies and Gentlemen. Unfortunately, the dates for the oral exam must be shifted. I am very sorry about that. 6 o'clock p.m. 328621 335002 373668 19:45 p.m. 332441 318395 Please let me know, if you got this Mail. Sorry for the inconvenience Andreas Henze

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