Specific Problems of Fluid Mechanics: Experimental Analysis of Turbulent Flows - Examinations

No lecture-specific exam information available

General information about exams

  • Bring your student ID and your ID to this exam.
  • In the lecture hall you will find a leaflet tacked with solution sheets containing your name and your Matr.-No.. Please make your sign at the intended position.
  • Write your solutions to the tasks on the tacked solution sheets. You have two DIN-A4-sheets available for every task. In the case you need additional sheets, please switch to free space available on other tasks sheets and mark the sheets with the task number and substasknumber.
  • Should you have used all free space on all sheets, you can obtain additional sheets ftom our supervisors. Please mark your new sheets with your name, your Mtr.-No., sign and the number of the current task.


  • The supervisors have the order not to give any hints on solving any tasks.
  • Your solution way has to be clear understandable (e.g. calculation way, balance hull, force equilibrium, clear marks at the application of the Bernoulli-Equation etc.)
  • Solutions to the problems have to be expressed in terms of the given variables.

Allowed exam aids

  • You are allowed to use writing and plotting material like ball-pens and pencils, goniometer, circle and rubber. A calculator is not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to use red or green pens.
  • You are not allowed to bring any lecture books, assignment materials, lecture notes, formulary and nothing of the sort.
  • Electronic devices, especially cell phones have to be switched off.


  • The finally achieved results after the review and the oral exam, which are forwarded to the ZPA can be obtained directly at the ZPA after some weeks of the new semester
  • Withdrawals and deregistration with attestation of exams are not always forwared to us by the ZPA. This can lead to a wrong status in some cases of the result list. Only the results saved at the Zentrales Pr├╝fungsamt are decisive. In the case of an oral exam, the overall result is displayed.