Information on lectures, exercises, exams etc.

From 24 April 2020 on, digital lectures and exercises will be made available in Strömungsmechanik I (Fluid Mechanics I), Aerodynamik I (Aerodynamics I), Numerische Strömungsmechanik I (Computational Fluid Dynamics I), Strömungsmessverfahren I (Experimental Fluid Mechanics I), Biologische und Medizinische Strömungsmechanik I (Biological and Medical Fluid Mechanics I), Fahrzeug- und Windradaerodynamik (Vehicle and Wind Turbine Aerodynamics), Aerothermale Auslegung von Raumtransportsystemen (Aerothermal Design Space of Transportation Systems), Sonderprobleme der Strömungsmechanik: Experimentelle Analyse turbulenter Strömungen (Special Problems of Fluid Mechanics: Experimental Analysis of Turbulent Flows). No digital lecture will be offered for the course Strömungs- und Temperaturgrenzschichten (Boundary-Layer Theory). It is likely that this course will be given in the 2020/2021 winter semester.

For this semesters exam preparation, the Institute of Aerodynamics will offer special exam consulting hours.
Like the regular consulting hours, these will take place via the Zoom platform - the procedure will be equivalent.

The consultation hours will take place daily on:

FM: 30.07.-12.08. 10-12am    please register here
AE: 26.08.-28.08. 10-12am and 31.08-02.09. 9-12am    please register here
CFD: 09.09.-17.09.

The number of slots per student will be limited to two.

To access the material, i. e., books, slides etc., of the aforementioned courses click on the event below:

Strömungsmechanik I Fluid mechanics I
Aerodynamik I Aerodynamics I
Strömungs- und Temperaturgrenzschichten Boundary-Layer Theory
Numerische Strömungsmechanik I Computational Fluid Dynamics I
Strömungsmessverfahren Experimental Fluid Mechanics I
Biologische und Medizinische Strömungstechnik I Biological and Medical Fluid Mechanics I
Fahrzeug- und Windradaerodynamik Vehicle and Wind Turbine Aerodynamics
Aerothermale Auslegung von Raumtransportsystemen Aerothermal Design of Space Transportation Systems
Sonderprobleme der Strömungsmechanik: Experimentelle Analyse turbulenter Strömungen Special Problems of Fluid Mechanics: Experimental Analysis of Turbulent Flows

Check the AIA website every day to be up-to-date as to any new information!


  • 27.4.2020

    The review of the exams Strömungsmechanik I, II , Fluid Mechanics and CFD I, II will take place on 18.05. and 19.05.2020 in the Institute of Aerodynamics, room 301. Due to the current situation the inspection will be held under strict safety precautions. Therefore we ask the students of the exams Strömungsmechanik I/II and Fluid Mechanics to register for the inspection via e-mail at . Students of the exam CFD may register by e-mail at . The deadline for registration is 11 May 2020, 12 o'clock. You will then receive a confirmation and a time interval for your inspection by e-mail.

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